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Advanced Training for Organizations and Professionals

For more than 30 years, the Center for Technology and Industry (CTI) at New England Institute of Technology has been at the forefront of creating customized, advanced training for employees or corporations and organizations of all sizes and all industries. We offer short-term, in-person and online professional development modules, specialized academic degree programs, and dozens of low-cost, online learning training courses – some leading to industry certifications – for working professionals.

From Fortune 500 companies and government workforce and economic development agencies to small family-run businesses, CTI specializes in training and re-education to keep your staff and services current in the fast-evolving global marketplace. Our training programs can run from just a few hours to customized associate and bachelor’s degree programs. 

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Designing Exactly What You Need

Although you have lots of competition, there’s no other company or organization exactly like yours. That’s why we don’t offer rigid, out-of-the-box training. Instead, we’re all about specific, targeted, customized education that gives you the edge. By listening and respecting your insights and specific training needs, CTI designs your tailored training program, chooses the best instructors and creates a schedule that suits your needs – whether at your workplace, at our campus and even online.

Our Clients

When General Dynamics, Pepsi-Cola and Amica Mutual Insurance needed advanced training for their workforce, they knew where to turn. When Rhode Island Hospital wanted to stay ahead of new advancements, they came to us, as did the RI Department of Transportation, the New England Organ Bank and Cox Communications. We’ve also provided training in Perioperative Nursing to professionals from Rhode Island Hospital, taught Composite Repair to workers from SeaRay Boats, and conducted classes in Microsoft Server Administration for the United States Army, among many others.

Check out the list of clients with which we’ve collaborated and review some of our case studies to gain a better understanding of the unique programs we’ve developed to keep companies, organizations and working professionals competitive in their respective fields.

"New England Institute of Technology is a proven leader in the area of career development and technology. As the Commander, I am proud to have a strong partnership with an organization that prides itself on leadership, commitment, and a level of expertise that is demonstrated consistently by the staff and instructors of this outstanding institution."

Major Juan Howie
Commanding Officer, US Army
Reserve (98th Division)
Providence, RI