Online Training for Professionals

Are you looking to enhance or update your skills in a particular field or discipline? Need additional training or a specific certification to secure career advancement? Want to explore a different professional field? Have an interest or passion for a professional discipline not related to your career goals?  If your circumstance or schedule makes it difficult to attend classes the traditional way, New England Tech offers you unique, affordable and short-term modular course options to gain the same caliber of training and certification, anytime and anywhere that suits you.

As the world’s largest provider of online, short-term, modular course training to colleges and universities, Ed2go offers niche courses across a wide range of professional disciplines, which you can access through the links on the right-hand side of this page. These individual courses offer flexibility for professional development without the need to enroll in a degree program.

Working with Ed2Go, we’ve designed a full menu consisting of many dozens of open-enrollment online programs. We share your goal: to increase your marketability to prospective employers and enhance your chances for advancement.

You’ll be guided by a faculty instructor who specializes in the specific professional discipline of your course. You’ll take online exams from which your understanding of the materials will be evaluated by your instructor, who will work with you throughout the course. You can expect a high level of active involvement and encouragement by your instructor – one of the reasons online learning is continually rated as surprisingly satisfying.