Program Overviews

SAMI Instructors and staff work extremely close with employers to make a genuine and quality matches with our students to the employment needs of each employer. We incorporate post placement feedback from our employers and graduates to continually improve our program and ensure our training is responsive as well as up to date with the current industry needs. What separates SAMI is our intense focus on work readiness skills through the delivery of the training curriculum. As a result of our training emphasis on safety and worker accountability participants also receive an OSHA-10 Certification

Machine Program

The machine program curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning manual machine processes, and gradually builds to expose selected participants to Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) operations based on each student’s skills and abilities. The machine curriculum is delivered by a team of instructors with many years of experience who are recognized in their industry for their expertise. The SAMI Program then connects these students to manufacturers in need of skilled machinists. For more information on the machine program and curriculum highlights, click here. (insert link)

Welding Program

The welding program curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning the skill and science of welding in order to produce welders with exceptional entry-level skills. The welding curriculum is delivered by a team of instructors with many years of experience who are recognized in their industry for their expertise. The SAMI Program then connects our welding students to manufacturers in need of skilled welders.

The 260-hour welding program curriculum was developed, in conjunction with our welding lab, to replicate real world work experience. The curriculum is a combination of classroom and shop experiences to acquire basic skills in welding, cutting, and fabricating that are necessary for shipbuilding and other industries that use welding.

Curriculum Highlights

After being accepted into the welding program you will learn and experience:

  • An overview of the industries that employ welders
  • The history, fundamentals, basic welding metallurgy, and theory of welding
  • Classroom & Hands-On practice with shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux-corded arc welding (FCAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), and oxy-fuel welding (OFC) processes
  • Shop safety, welding and cutting safety, safely handling fuel gasses and high pressure cylinders, and an OSHA-10 Certification
  • Using a wide range of pneumatic tools, grinders, burr tools, and wire brushes
  • Basic blue print reading, welding symbols, and processes on mild steel.
  • Welding in various positions (flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead)
  • Welding machine basics and advanced set up
  • Contextualized math for welding technologies
  • Job preparation workshops



What is SAMI?

The SAMI Program makes things happen! Since opening in 2013 SAMI has connected hundreds of individuals to employers upon program completion. SAMI’s goal is to train and deliver skilled entry level individuals who are reliable and productive workers and give them the opportunity to secure jobs with about 100 different employers.

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