Snap-on Tools Training & Certification

CTI Is One of the Elite Ten

At NEIT’s renowned Center for Automotive Technology, technicians who aspire to be the best get the best. Course content for Snap-on Certification is delivered by the instructors with Master Certification status. Students, educators and professionals alike become familiar with Snap-on’s incredible technology. With sharpened skills and understanding, they are reenergized and ready to increase productivity and profitability back at the workplace.

CTI offers certification in all five Snap-on diagnostic tools:

  • Ethos™ is the ideal go-to scan tool for technicians and service advisors looking for quick answers to tough questions.
  • Solus Pro™ takes the next step, communicating with onboard computers to read and clear trouble codes, verify input readings and simulate outputs. 
  • Modis™ is the hardworking, all-in-one Snap-on diagnostic tool.
  • Verus™ is the first fully integrated handheld diagnostic tool.
  • Vantage Pro™ is an enhanced component-diagnosing instrument.

Undercar Certification

Today’s vehicles get progressively more sophisticated, and when it comes to measuring wheel alignment angles, that same level of sophistication is required. Snap-on’s John Bean wheel alignment systems are the industry standard worldwide, but it takes certified training to realize their full capabilities. And that’s where we come in.

Certification is offered for these three undercar tools:

  • The Arago V3D Imaging Wheel Aligner™ is the fastest and most accurate in the industry, with readings guaranteed in just two minutes.
  • BFH 1000 Wheel Balancer™ is simply the most advanced diagnostic wheel balancing system in the industry.
  • EHP System V Tilt-Tower Tire Changer™ is built to handle a wide range of high-performance wheel and tire assemblies, including low profile and run-flat tires.

To register by phone, please contact the Center for Technology and Industry at 401-780-4345 (or toll free at 800-736-7744 ext. 3345).